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Level 2 Ultrasound Scan/Anomaly Scan by Dr. Rupali Mishra

Level 2 Ultrasound or Anomaly Scan is done by Dr. Rupali Mishra, Sonologist and Founder of Dr. Rupali’s Medical & […]

Level 2 Ultrasound Scan/Anomaly Scan by Dr. Rupali Mishra

Level 2 Ultrasound or Anomaly Scan by Dr. Rupali Mishra

Level 2 Ultrasound or Anomaly Scan is done by Dr. Rupali Mishra, Sonologist and Founder of Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics, located in South Delhi. She has immense experience in Ultrasound of more than 15 years. The Level 2 Ultrasound, also known as the Anomaly Scan, stands out as the pivotal diagnostic scan throughout the entire pregnancy. Conducted typically between 17 to 24 weeks, this scan provides a highly detailed view of your growing baby.

What is Level 2 Ultrasound or Anomaly Scan?

The Level 2 Ultrasound, also known as the Anomaly Scan, is a crucial diagnostic procedure conducted during pregnancy, typically between 17 to 24 weeks. This specialized ultrasound offers a detailed and specific view of the developing baby in the womb. It plays a pivotal role in identifying any potential abnormalities or anomalies, providing valuable insights into the baby’s health and development.

In essence, the Level 2 Ultrasound is a comprehensive examination that goes beyond routine scans, offering expectant parents a deeper understanding of their baby’s well-being. It is an essential tool in ensuring a thorough assessment and monitoring of the pregnancy, contributing to a more informed and proactive approach to prenatal care.

Significance of Level 2 Ultrasound Scan

Level 2 Ultrasound Scan or Anomaly Scan which is popularly known as Level 2 Scan is the most important diagnostic scan done between 17 to 24 weeks in second trimester to rule out major and minor abnormalities in the baby. It detects major anomalies like anencephaly, spine deformities, musculoskeletal abnormalities, down’s syndrome which is a major cause of mental retardation.

Level 2 Ultrasound Scan Abnormalities

How Patients should come for Level 2 Scan?

When preparing for a Level 2 Scan, here’s a guide for expectant patients:

  1. Hydration is Key: Ensure you are well-hydrated before the scan. Drinking water helps in obtaining clearer images.
  2. Comfortable Attire: Wear loose and comfortable clothing, as you may be asked to expose your belly for the ultrasound.
  3. Documents Required: Patient has to come with Aadhar Card, Prescription/Referral Slip of Doctor (If Any).
  4. Bring Records: If you have any relevant medical records, such as previous ultrasound results or medical history, bring them along. It can provide valuable information for a comprehensive assessment.
  5. Fasting is not Required for Level 2 Ultrasound Scan.
  6. Ask Questions: Feel free to ask any questions or express concerns you may have. The Level 2 Scan is an opportunity to gather detailed information, and your healthcare provider is there to address your queries.
  7. Relaxation Techniques: Practice relaxation techniques if you feel anxious. A calm and relaxed state can contribute to a smoother experience during the scan.

Remember, the Level 2 Scan is a valuable tool in monitoring your baby’s development, and your cooperation and comfort are priorities for the healthcare professionals conducting the procedure.

Why to Choose our Centre?

Level 2 Scan is the most important Ultrasound Scan in whole Pregnancy so you need an experienced Ultrasonologist for that. Here are few key features of Dr. Rupali’s Medical and Diagnostics:

Premium and Advance Machine for 4D Ultrasound: We have a premium high resolution Ultrasound Machine Voluson E6 GE, which gives high resolution images of baby to rule out minute abnormalities.

4D Ultrasound Machine for Level 2 Scans

In 4D Machine you can see the image of baby like actual face of baby smiling, yawning etc.

Female Sonologist & Ultrasonologist: Ultrasound is done by Dr. Rupali Mishra, Sr. Sonologist who has immense experience of more tha 15 years in ultrasound.

Evening OPD is also available: We have special evening OPD for patients with emergency.

Booking Your Level 2 Ultrasound Scan:

Ready to delve into the detailed world of your baby’s development? Booking your Level 2 Ultrasound Scan at Dr. Rupali’s Medical and Diagnostics is a simple and straightforward process. Contact us at +91-8800905938 or +91-9911775222 to schedule your appointment and take a significant step towards ensuring a healthy and joyous pregnancy.

At Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and fostering a positive experience as you embrace the wonders of parenthood. Trust in us to illuminate the path to a healthy and happy journey into parenthood.

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Satisfied from Dr. and Staff Well maintained centre tnx.
Heena Khan
Heena Khan
Good work
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Priti Priti Gautam
Highly advanced ultrasound machine seen first time . Really best centre ever seen . All staff and assured care.Thanks dr rupali ma'am. Dr rupali medical & diagnostic centre very peaceful.
I went to do ultrasound for the first time, my ultrasound was done very well here, I thank the whole team
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lata yadav
Good collection by technician, no pain Thank
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Lalit Lalit
As always full Satisfied with the service.
Sunita Devi
Sunita Devi
I had my ultrasound in the evening,Dr Rupali is very humble that she just came for 2 to 3 patients on call, got my ultrasound report right after 20 min.Centre is very neat and clean environment is very peace.
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radha singh
Excellent services
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Roshan Kumar

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