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Digital X-Ray at Home

For patients who are in critical conditions and are not capable of traveling, our Digital X-ray at Home services can be very helpful for them.

  • Digital X-ray at Home at a Reasonable Price
  • Same Day Reporting
  • Low-dose X-ray Machine
  • New Konica DR System system AERO DR 3
  • Digital X-ray Test by Professional female & male technicians
  • Digital X-ray of the chest, arms, hips, legs, and shoulders.
  • Free home blood sample collection and ECG services.
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Digital X-Ray

DIgital X-Ray at Home in South Delhi, Faridabad, and Gurugram

When health concerns arise, convenience is paramount, especially for those unable to travel. Introducing our cutting-edge Digital X-Ray at Home Services, designed to bring advanced medical diagnostics right to your doorstep. With Dr. Rupali’s Medical and Diagnostics, you can now undergo comprehensive X-ray examinations from the comfort of your own home.

“Experience the Convenience of Digital X-ray at Home Services with Dr. Rupali’s Medical and Diagnostics!

Our team of experienced professionals utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure accurate and reliable results, all without the hassle of traveling to a medical facility. Whether you’re facing mobility challenges or require urgent diagnostic services, our Home X-ray Services cater to your needs, offering unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

About Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics

Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics is a reputed centre which is serving society in the Healthcare sector since 2009. It was established by Dr. Rupali Mishra on 15th May 2009 with sole object to serve society with quality diagnosis at affordable price.

Dr. Rupali Mishra is the founder, Sonologist and Physician who believes that quality diagnosis is the basic foundation for the correct treatment of any disease. And hence she has installed all new imported high resolution automated machines from USA, Germany, France & Japan for quality diagnosis and treatment. It is proud to share that Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics has diagnosed and treated more than 1 million people successfully.

Importance of Digital X-Ray at Home Services

For patients requiring diagnostic X-ray examinations, factors such as limited mobility, transportation issues, and long wait times at traditional imaging centers pose significant challenges. Our Digital X-ray at-home services can be beneficial for these types of patients.

By leveraging advancements in portable Digital X-ray technology and telemedicine, healthcare providers can now bring the expertise of radiology professionals directly to patients’ doorsteps. This innovative approach not only eliminates the need for arduous travel but also reduces waiting times and enhances the overall patient experience.

Mobility plays a crucial role in enhancing patient care, particularly when circumstances demand that care be brought directly to the patient’s bedside. In situations where moving patients poses risks due to their injuries, bedside examinations become essential. This is where Mobile Digital X-ray technology proves invaluable as now we can provide Digital x-ray at home to our patients.

Why Choose Dr. Rupali’s Medical & Diagnostics for Digital X-rays?

  • Digital X-rays using New Konica DR Systems with high resolution and exceptional quality machine.
  • State of the Art 24×7 Diagnostic Centre
  • Home X-Ray, ECG and Home Blood Sample Collection
  • High Resolution Automated Machines with Impeccable Reporting
  • Hygienic Environment with Divine Ambience
  • Experienced Doctors & Professional Staff
  • Holistic Care & Hassle-free Treatment
  • Women Centric Diagnostic Centre
  • Serving Society in Healthcare since 2009
  • 4.9 Ratings with 4000+ Google Reviews
  • More than 1 million Happy & Satisfied Patients
  • Radiology, Pathology, Gynae Consultations & Abortions up to 24 Weeks all medical services under one roof.
Dr. Rupali Mishra
Dr. Rupali Mishra (Founder and Sonologist)

Our Doctors

Dr Rupali Mishra

Dr. Akanksha Chauhan

Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrics
M.B.B.S and M.S (Obs-Gynae)

Dr Rupali Mishra

Dr. Aparna Muddana

Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrics
M.B.B.S and M.S (Obs-Gynae)

Dr Rupali Mishra

Dr. Parija Juneja

Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrics
M.B.B.S and M.S (Obs-Gynae)

Patient's Testimonials

We're one of he 4D Colour Ultrasound in South Delhi
this becomes prominent from the fact that we have more than 4000+ Reviews on Google.

Satisfied from Dr. and Staff Well maintained centre tnx.
Heena Khan
Heena Khan
Good work
Priti Priti Gautam
Priti Priti Gautam
Highly advanced ultrasound machine seen first time . Really best centre ever seen . All staff and assured care.Thanks dr rupali ma'am. Dr rupali medical & diagnostic centre very peaceful.
I went to do ultrasound for the first time, my ultrasound was done very well here, I thank the whole team
lata yadav
lata yadav
Good collection by technician, no pain Thank
Lalit Lalit
Lalit Lalit
As always full Satisfied with the service.
Sunita Devi
Sunita Devi
I had my ultrasound in the evening,Dr Rupali is very humble that she just came for 2 to 3 patients on call, got my ultrasound report right after 20 min.Centre is very neat and clean environment is very peace.
radha singh
radha singh
Excellent services
Roshan Kumar
Roshan Kumar
Good 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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How do Mobile Digital X-Ray Services enhance patient care?
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Is home blood sample collection available with Digital X-Ray at Home Services?
How can accurate diagnostic test results benefit patients?

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